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Correctional facility is a term used by Process Servers in Puerto Rico that refers to a jail, prison, or other place of incarceration by government officials. They serve to confine and rehabilitate inmates in Puerto Rico as they do in all other states.

Do Listed Process Servers in this directory say there is a difference between a correctional facility and a prison in Puerto Rico?

Actually, in Puerto Rico, correctional facilities and prisons are basically the same. Correctional facilities usually include prisons and jails while prisons are considered a subpart of the correctional system. Whether an inmate is incarcerated in a Puerto Rico corrections institution or a prison, they are subject to service of process, continuing their involvement within the justice court system. It must be noted, Private Process Servers in Puerto Rico who are tasked to serve process upon an inmate are delivering legal documents concerning civil matters only.

Correctional Institutions and Prisons in Puerto Rico are similar to most facilities in all states throughout the United States. State Prisons and Facilities in Puerto Rico are part of a larger criminal justice system which includes police, prosecution and the courts.

Inmates / defendants / respondents / witnesses incarcerated in a Puerto Rico correctional facility are subject to the practices of the institution's rules and regulations. Process Servers who are tasked with the job of serving inmates in a Puerto Rico facility with service of process can only perform their duties and services with the guidance and approval of the facility managers and in many situations, the approval of the warden.

Estimates and data reveal that there are more than 1,700,000 inmates within the entire United States state prison system

State prisons in Puerto Rico are generally classified as minimum, medium and high security. There are approximately 1700 state prisons in the United States. Inmates in a corrections facility in Puerto Rico regardless of classification are subject to private Process Servers performing service of process and are no different than any other person incarcerated in Puerto Rico.

Federal correctional Institutions located in Puerto Rico are the homes for inmates who have been convicted of a wide range of charges. Estimates and records indicate all federal prisons house over 220,000 inmates.

Many people familiar with the federal corrections system in Puerto Rico refer to federal prisons as a penitentiary. Penitentiary is synonymous with prison and/or jail, these names actually mean the same. The number of sentenced inmates entering federal prisons facilities in Puerto Rico each day is far less than the number of people who are delivered to its jails.

Private Process Servers throughout Puerto Rico deliver legal documents and civil lawsuits to inmates.

Actually, federal prisons grant Process Servers access to inmates by appointment only and are easier to coordinate service of process services than Puerto Rico state run prisons.

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