Process Servers who deliver and serve process upon inmates incarcerated at the Noble Correctional Institution, 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, Ohio.

Our Process Servers deliver and serve court documents to incarcerated inmates all the time.

You are here because you need to have your legal documents delivered and court documents served by a Process Server. Local Process Servers refer to delivery of court papers as “Served”, after the inmate who is incarcerated within Noble Correctional Institution located at 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, Ohio is handed your documents. Serving and delivering legal documents to a respondent / defendant / inmate is common place and a commonly performed task for private Process Servers, so you need not worry. Process Servers who perform process serving services at correctional institutions and prisons are tasked with the responsibility of contacting the facility, making the required appointment, traveling to, waiting and ultimately meeting the inmate and serving her/him with court issued documents.

You should know, most prisons and correctional facilities, such as Noble Correctional Institution usually allow private Process Servers to have direct access to an inmate / respondent / defendant provided the Process Server follows the explicit rules and regulations set forth by the Warden and/or Management. However, there are some facilities and prisons that will not allow a private Process Server to effectuate legal process. It is your responsibility to make sure our Process Server will be granted access to the inmate before hiring us. We cannot guarantee your legal documents will be delivered but will try our best. You are paying us for our time and efforts to attempt service of process.

Please make sure the Noble Correctional Institution, located at 15708 McConnelsville Road in Caldwell, Ohio, allows private Process Servers access for the purposes of service of process BEFORE YOU RETAIN US! Prison policies frequently change, and you must make sure the current policy allows us to gain access to the inmate as required by state and federal statutes requiring personal service.

Noble Correctional Institution, located at 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, Ohio is where you need service of process upon the defendant/respondent/inmate.

The inmate / defendant / respondent incarcerated at the Noble Correctional Institution is subject to the same laws and statutes of the issuing jurisdiction as any other respondent/defendant who is not incarcerated. When we attempt service of process we will make sure we perform our services in accordance with the law, statutes and the policies of the correctional facility / institution. After service of process services are performed, all details of the service, specifically the date and time service were made coupled with all the case style information including all titled documents served, will be memorialized with a formal and court compliant Affidavit / Proof of Service.

Whether or not there is a Prison, Institution or a Correctional Facility in Caldwell within Noble County, Ohio, there most likely is a jail where we can serve an inmate your court papers. It is your responsibility to provide us with the exact location and address where the defendant / respondent may be held over. We will attempt to serve legal process upon a person in a jail as we would anyone who is incarcerated elsewhere.

Overall, if you are seeking to serve an inmate / respondent / defendant at Noble Correctional Institution, located at the 15708 McConnelsville Road in Noble County, Ohio in or a person in a jail in Caldwell or anyhwere in Noble County, we will try our best to deliver your urgent court documents directly to the defendant who is jailed or incarcerated. Please be advised, in some instances, the facility where the defendant / respondent is located will not allow us to perform service of process. We assume you contacted the facility and confirmed the defendant / respondent is jailed or incarcerated and discovered the facility will authorize service of process upon the inmate.

Needed Information about the inmate before we can activate your service of process request and serve your legal documents to the inmate at Noble Correctional Institution Ohio.

1. You must have the full legal name of the inmate / defendant / respondent at the Noble Correctional Institution at 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, Ohio before we can proceed with our services.

2. You must have the inmate's registration or identification number issued by the institution, facility or jail, especially at Noble Correctional Institution.

3. You must confirm the policies of the Noble Correctional Institution with respect to Process Servers entering its facility for the purposes of meeting with the inmate / defendant / respondent so that service of process can be made. It is your responsibility, entirely, to confirm with powers that be at Noble Correctional Institution, what its policies are before hiring us.

4. You should try to find out the name of the case manager.

5. You should try to find out the name of the administrator in charge of appointments.

6. Ascertain the hours of operations and what times are permitted for service of process. We know the Noble Correctional Institution located at 15708 McConnelsville Road changes its hours frequently and we urge you to confirm accordingly.

7. It’s important to remember that the safety and effectiveness at Noble Correctional Institution depends on the staff adhering to a strict routine. Private Process Servers need to submit to that routine and understand that they are a visitor under the control of the staff once they enter. This is one of the main aspects relating to service of process services and whether we will have direct access to the inmate.

Despite being incarcerated at the Noble Correctional Institution in 15708 McConnelsville Road, an inmate here can refuse to see a visitor. Therefore, a Process Server can go to Noble Correctional Institution and attempt service, if the inmate refuses meet an unknown visitor, specifically a Process Server, then service may not be effectuated. Please be advised, we usually have cooperation 90% of the time but, unfortunately, cannot guarantee your service. As with most prisons, institutions and correctional facilities, the inmate doesn’t have a choice and is required to meet with our Process Server.