Correctional facilities and institutions in zip code Seagoville are the homes for people who are accused of wrongdoing, awaiting transfer and/or have been convicted of a crime.

Jails are operated by the Seagoville city government. Jails are also known as detention facilities and lockups. These are local government facilities in Seagoville where arrestees can be held for a short time pending transfer to a nearby jail, court or detention center.

Private Process Servers serve incarcerated or jailed people in Seagoville all the time. However, people in a Seagoville jail are moved and/or transported frequently, making service of process a difficult challenge. If you are seeking to serve process to someone in jail within a Seagoville, Dallas County location you must do so as quickly as possible. Before you retain our services, we recommend that you speak with the jail and confirm if the incarcerated person is due for release or transfer and when. We also suggest you inquire if a Private Process Server can serve the arrestee with legal papers.

FCI Seagoville

Address: 2113 North Hwy 175

City: Seagoville

County: Dallas

State: Texas

Zip Code: 75159

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  • Seagoville, TX 75159