Defendant inmates who are incarcerated in a correctional facility in Pitkin County, Colorado from a legal process stand point are no different than any other incarcerated person. Facilities located within Pitkin County are subject to federal and state laws which afford inmates constitutional rights but also subjects them to the statutes and laws of the Pitkin County, Colorado court system. Process Servers who serve legal process at facilities and institutions in Pitkin County deliver and serve inmates all types of demands, notifications, summons, orders and subpoenas. Service of process is usually scheduled by appointment only and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Pitkin County run facility. Meaning, there may be times, dates or unexpected situations that may impede a Process Server from serving legal process. Process Server’s in Pitkin County, Colorado are familiar with unexpected circumstances and maintain flexible schedules to work within the requirements set forth by the facility.

Private Process Servicing Services are performed at any prison, corrections facility, jail and or institution in Pitkin County, Colorado


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